Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grabimo?

Grabimo is a friendly way to incentivize your users to capture and share what they experience. Encouraging your customers giving feedback by rewarding them, then display the feedback you approve on Media Wall. We're building Grabimo to allow you to easily interact with your customers and increase customers engagement. We imagine a world more connected by easily sharing experience.

Can't see my new feedback in my account.

Double check whether you have created more than one account. Make sure that the feedback you are looking for was submitted to the right account. Please note that each Grabimo account is associated with one email address.

How can I post my feedback on my business pages?

It depends on how your website is built. Grabimo provides an easy integration for Wordpress, Wix, and Facebook, respectively.

Platform Getting Started Demonstration
Facebook Facebook Page Example
WordPress WordPress Plugin Example
Wix Wix App Example

If you are using Wordpress, simply install the Media Wall plugin available at here. In Facebook, simply install the Facebook page. In Wix, change your app to the Media Wall Mode at your Wix editor. As an example, below is the screenshot for Media Wall editing: how to display feedback

All approved feedback will be displayed on the Wall. In order to approve and manage feedback from your customers. You can log into your Grabimo account at here and then turn on and off each feedback as follows: how to hide and how feedback

How do I not post negative posts, if I get them?

We have the Media Wall that only show approved feedback. You can also delete negative posts at your Grabimo account.

Is there a place to add instruction for clients in the app?

We hide the instruction in order to make Grabimo UI simpler. We can add it for you if you want. Please email us.

Do you support international postal address?

Yes, we do. Please go to here. You might also add your web URL over there. Please make sure the URL begins with either http:// or https://.

I accidently created two accounts. My customers submit feedback to the old account, how can I get feedback from the old account?

Log into Grabimo with your old email address, go My Account -> Active Customer, where you can check it out again.

Can you take down the testing comment I just submitted on the Wix demo?

Don't worry. We never publish any comment from the demo. We can help delete your test comment. Please email your comment link to

Can I download feedback I received?

Yes! You can download feedback onto your local computer and post wherever you like. You can even post video on YouTube with just a couple of clicks.

Is there any configuration which allows me to set default tab to be 'video'?

We have a widget allowing you to set the "video, "photo", "audio", and "text" default tab! Simply go to this page with your account. deafault media type

Will there be feedback limits?

Nope! There is no limit, you are welcome to submit as much as feedbacks you like ( corresponding handling fee will be applied). Feedback will be deleted from our system after one year or as storage exceeds 1GB.

I come from Wix, how do I start my feedback campaign?

In Wix, click "Connect Account" at your Wix editor. See example shows below.

connect account on the Wix editor
How can I show clients' feedback on my facebook page?

We haven't set up Media Wall for Facebook so far, but you are able to download all the feedback in Grabimo dashboard and post them on Facebook page.

Go mobile!

Grabimo works nicely on PC. Your customers can record video and audio feedback simply on most web browsers (IE9+, Chrome, and FireFox) without additional installation. It works even better on mobile devices with HTML5 supported browsers.

With three minutes or less, your business can sign up, create feedback campaign, and make customers aware. All steps can be done on your mobile web browsers. The mobile webpages have been tested on Safari and Chrome over iOS 6.0+ and Android 4.0+.

Do customers need install mobile app?

No, there is no app installation! Grabimo makes us of HMTL5, Adobe Flash, mobile and cloud computing technologies to facilitate collecting multimedia customer feedback. Your customers can activate camcorder, webcam, or sound recorder simply by clicking buttons on the webpage for your feedback campaign. All actions can be completed on the same webpage. See Campaign Example >

As a business owner, how do I reward customer for submitting feedback?

Customers see your feedback campaign and submit their experience in multimedia format. Grabimo will email you the submission instantly. You can reward customers automatically for any feedback or honor only feedback that you need. Grabimo supports various incentives such as cash, coupon, and gift to strengthen your relationship with customers and promote your service or product.

You can use coupon discount to boost customer acquisition and retention. Coupons can be emailed automatically whenever you receive customer feedback. You also can email coupons selectively. With just one-click at your Grabimo account, you can switch between two coupon delivery modes: instant and after-review. It saves your time and gives you more control.

Cash reward always needs your approval. With the PayPal™ payments, you can pay with your credit cards or signature debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. A PayPal account can be created on the fly if you don't have before.

As a customer, how do I earn reward?

Grabimo helps you earn various rewards from businesses you give feedback. Rewards include cash, coupons, or gifts. For cash reward, the business will check its validity and accept it through the PayPal™ payments. You will receive an email from PayPal instructing you how to claim money. If you have a PayPal account and use the same email address on Grabimo, the money will appear instantly in your PayPal™ balance. Otherwise, you need to open a PayPal™ account, which can be created in a few minutes. A PayPal account makes it really easy for you to collect money from other people too.

A business also can set up coupon discount for their service or product. You may receive unique coupons right after your submissions, if the business sets up instant coupon reward. In some scenarios, the business might need to review your submission. Coupon will be emailed separately subject to business approval.

What type of coupon do we support?

Grabimo supports two types of coupons: percent off and dollar off. For example, you can email your customers a 10% off coupon per video submission or a $1.00 off coupon per photo submission. It's really flexible: with a single click you can switch between these two types of coupons. You also are able to design the coupon based on your own business model. If you prefer other coupon type, free to contact us. We may help customize it for you.

Coupons may have valid period, so you could create coupons like 30 days 20% discount, etc.

How does coupon codes generate?

Coupon codes can be generated in two ways. You are welcome to choose either way to satisfy your business model.

You can upload a coupon file in txt format with one coupon code per line to your Grabimo account. You may use any coupon systems to generate coupon files. For example, the figure below shows a text file exported from the popular app (Bulk Discounts). When you want to reward a customer, one of the uploaded coupon codes will be selected randomly and emailed to your customer. This method works for both online and offline shopping experiences. You have the full control of coupon redemption through your own checkout systems. It can be automated. example coupon file for Shopify upload your coupon codes to your Grabimo account

If you don't provide us coupon files, we generate coupon code for you. When you want to reward your customer, a URL with the coupon informaiton will be emailed to both you and your customer. Becuase the coupon code is independent of your existing checkout sytem, its redemption is manual. This way works best for offline checkout experience. You will have the opportunity to meet your customrs in order to confirm the coupon link. The link can be shared by email or text message too.

How do we deliver the coupons?

We have two delivery modes: instant and after-review. For the instant mode, we automatically email coupons to your customers right after he/she has submitted feedback. For the after-review mode, we only email coupons to your customers with your approval. The after-review may takes longer time and need more attention from you.

You are able to switch between these two modes anytime as you want. The mode change will be applied to feedbacks that are submitted after the change.