Getting Feedback from Your Customers by Rewarding Them
author Z. Feng, November 10, 2014

The key to get your customers' opinions about your service and product is to give them incentives. Volunteering doing survey is not their natural style. Instead, you should reward their participation; it's definitely more powerful than applause.

For example, I was having dinner at a burger place last week with my friend in downtown San Jose. We found that we could earn $5 back into Paypal balance if paying the check with Paypal app. It is a loyalty program attempted to create a user shopping behavior. The restaurant owner claims that customers only want to redeem the points and get cash back. However, it is an effective way to get customers to install Paypal App and use it.


Rewarding really influences your users' consuming behavior. Another important use of this factor is to get feedback from your costumers. Traditionally, people are required to do surveys after they accept service and ready to leave. Most likely, they are reluctant to take extra time to do surveys. People are tired about countless feedback or comment required.

However, when there are free things or money rewarded, customers are much more likely to give it a try. Here's one idea. Instead of asking, “ Would you like to help us improving our service?” Ask “You like to get dollars off you bill immediately?” It might open the door to get their opinions.

When you create a structured environment that encourages user feedback and reward, you'll foster these happy customers to become royal customers with your company. Another part of the story is feedback itself: how to create quality and positive feedback.