Hi, Grabimo is a tool that facilitates business gathering customer feedback in multimedia formats: text, photo, audio, and video. The tool makes it easy for business to appreciate customer's time and effort instantly, safely, and simply. It is a both PC and mobile friendly out-of-the-box integrated solution, offering feedback campaign setup, customer experience capture, digital content protection, online money payment, and social media sharing. With only a few clicks, business has the powerful tool ready. It dramatically increases customer engagement. Customers feel heard, easy, and comfortable on providing feedback, regardless of business category and size, either mobile app, or home and child care, or weight loss product.

Collect feedback for business

As a business owner, you get candid and objective feedback from your customers. You have positive audio visual endorsements to show off your business online and offline. You use criticism to improve product design and service quality. You have objective evidence to evaluate operation performance of individual or organization. You have the opportunity to follow up nicely with customers, resulting in long-term customer relationship.

As a customer, your time and effort is appreciated with instant and tangible cash reward. You have the channel to share experience good or bad in various formats directly with the business owner. Your unique audio visual experience will be honored and help other folks make right decision.

This foolproof tool consolidates various technologies and computer algorithms, including multimedia processing, online money transfer, HTML5 platform, mobile and cloud computing, in order to achieve the best user experience. Business obtains more customer engagement with less customer's time.

Collecting feedback is one of the best ways to help retain your existing customers, find customer pain points to make improvements. The positive feedback is the most powerful tool to generate sales leads. Every business should treat collecting feedback as their first priority.

About the name

We were looking for a name to represent our tool of helping business easily collect customer feedback in the multimedia format. Unfortunately, domain names containing feedback or equivalents are typically unavailable. Then we noticed a best-selling children's book series at home, Geronimo Stilton. Our kids said that the talking mouse could use the tool to grab IMOs (in my opinion) from his customers or readers, in order to better run The Rodent's Gazette, so the name Grabimo was born.