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To help you collect customer feedback in multimedia format: Video, Audio, Photo, and Text. We make both you and your customers happy.

Max Response Rate

To incentivize your customers to capture and share what they experience. You can reward your customers using coupon, cash, gift, or whatever you like ♥♥♥

Personal, Pinpointed, On-the-fly

To leverage personal testimonials to promote your business and identify customer pain points to improve your product or service. We make it easy for your customers to share their opinions while experiencing your business.

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Incentivize your users to capture and share what they experience.

1 Kick off

Install Grabimo on your site, integrate with your Facebook, or simply email your users. Reward users' participation by coupons, cash, or gifts based on your business preference.

2 Engage

Your users are incentivized to share their opinions while experiencing your business, and able to provide feedback in video, texts, photo, and audio formats. No app installation required.

3 Utilize

Receive instant email notification as soon as your users submit. No technical knowlege required.

No contract. Cancel when you want.

Choose the pricing that fits your business needs

Basic Plan
You receive customer feedback without rewarding them.
up to 50 text
up to 10 pictures
up to 5 customer voices
up to 5 customer videos
Premium Plan
If you need a large volume1 of customer feedback without rewarding them, please contact us for setup
51+ text
11+ pictures
6+ customer voices
6+ customer videos
Reward Plan
You reward your customers for giving you valuable feedback.
No contract, $0 monthly fee
$0.50 fee per transaction plus 8.0% transaction fee on the total amount.2
All payment transactions go through PayPal™
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  1. Obsolete feedback will be removed from the system after one year or as storage exceeds 1GB.
  2. Only applied to instances of feedback that involve reward transactions.


These features make you and your customers happy.

Easy Feedback Management Multiple Feedback Channels Video Recorder w/o App
Easy Feedback Management

Customer feedbacks are organized nicely for you. With one click, you can publish positive feedback as your testimonial on Grabimo. Videos also can be uploaded directly to your YouTube. You can preview and delete unwanted feedback. It makes it easy for you to selectively reward your customers.

Multiple Feedback Channels

Grabimo makes it easy for you to reach out to your customers in various ways. You can integrate Grabimo into your site. You can post it on your business' Facebook page. Grabimo even enables you to email your feeback request to a group of customers without technical knowledge.

Media Recorder w/o App

When your customers see your feedback request, they can start to capture their experience instantly without downloading additional software. Video and audio can be recorded on their web browser, either PC or mobile. You make your customer feel that their time is valued.

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